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Who is the Holy Spirit?

Join us as we dive into who the Holy Spirit is and dig deeper to understand how the Holy Spirit impacts our lives.


Fully You

Join us as Pastor Scott leads us on a discussion of what spiritual gifts are, and how we can use them to become the person in Christ that God desires for us to become!


Stay Salty

Listen to The Shores Church’s very own Youth Pastor Will Rosevear, as he brings the Word and how to stay salty.


Missions Sunday

Take a listen to the Dominican Republic Trip recap & Pastor Scott revealing 2 upcoming mission trip opportunities!

Note: Due to the Missionary Associate serving in a sensitive nation, that portion was not recorded.


The Kingdom

Join us as we dive into “The Kingdom” series!


The Power of Grace

Join us as we study the Book of Romans


Beyond Blessed

Take a listen to our new sermon series
“Beyond Blessed”


Guest Speaker:
Steve Puffpaff

Take a listed to Steve Puffpaff, missionary to Suriname, as he shares the call the Lord has put before Him!


Scoreboard: Counting the Things That Really Count


Guest Speaker: Pastor Parker Saleski

Listen to The Shores Church’s Children’s Pastor, Parker Saleski, give the Sunday message!


Don’t Forget the Journey

Take a listen to our newest message from
Pastor Scott


Christmas at the Movies: A Christmas Season Sermon Series

Join us as we learn from some of our favorite Christmas movies!


Guest Speaker:
Joanna Reeves

Take a listen to Joanna Reeves as she talks about navigating through seasons of life


Guest Speakers: Kurt & Debi Holthus

Listen to two wonderful missionaries, Kurt & Debi Holthus, as they share their hearts for the Dominican Republic


Dispatched: A Study on the Book of Acts

Join us as we walk through the Book of Acts together as a church



Guest Speaker: Pastor Paul Sundell

Former Pastor of The Shores Church Paul Sundell brings a message to listen to! 


Stay In the Boat:
Pastor Scott Laurain







Guest Speaker: David Sword 

Worship Leader David Sword brings the Word to the Shores Church!



Join us as we dive into the life of David: Through this, How do we live a life after God's heart?





Who is Your SHero?

We are taking a look into the stories of Women in the Bible and how they were used by the Lord to make a difference.


Asking for a Friend

This series takes a dive into finding answers to Life's Tough Questions.





This Is Us 

Join us as we discuss how we can share our faith with other people!



Avoiding Spiritual Apathy. Take a listen to our new February Sermon Series! 





Charting the Course

Join us as we Chart the Course and look into the vision of the Shores Church!


Pursuit of Obedience and Perseverance

Take a listen to the Shores Church's Youth Ministries Director, Will Rosevear. He takes a look into the life of King David.





Christmas is a season for seeking. As we explore that first Christmas, we will see that we were made to live a life of adventure, to move beyond our fear. These adventures when painted together create a beautiful Collage that tells the story of who Jesus is.
We were made for something more than just a routine existence. What are you searching for today? The next accomplishment, the next high, to be loved… just a reason to live? Joseph, the shepherds, and the Wise Men searched for meaning and purpose and found all of that and much more in Jesus, and that’s the amazing news of Christmas. What about you?



This 4-week series examines what loving our neighbor looks like on a daily basis—what is love, how do I love, who do I love, and when do I love.


As For Me & My House

Join us as we take a 7 week look into the life of Joshua.