Fully You - Week 4 | How Do We Grow Our Spiritual Gifts?

Today was our final week in the “Fully You” Series We concluded this series on spiritual gifts by discussing how we grow our spiritual gifts. The four main points of the message were…

1)       Know Before You Grow

2)       Growth Brings Challenges

3)       Challenges Bring Pain

4)       Pain Brings Growth

Know Before You Grow…

In the body of Christ, we know that we need everyone to do their part.  We each represent a different part of “the body”. It is up to us to make sure our part of the body is growing and is healthy.

When you work out your muscles hurt its due to the muscle fibers being ripped.  But God is smart. He designed our bodies to regrow the muscle, but it grows bigger to compensate so it “never feels that way again”.  Since the muscle doesn’t want to rip again, it increases in size. That’s why you have to increase activity or weight size to get the same effect, and grow your muscles again.

There is a phenomenon in weight lifting called skipping leg day.  Here is an example of skipping leg day.

Skipping Leg Day.jpg

So much focus has went into building certain muscle groups, that the body does not look like it is supposed to, and eventually will not be able to support further growth.

The same is true when we either don’t grow all of the gifts in a church. We cannot allow someone else to do the heavy lifting, or try and be someone we are not.  We cannot skip our spiritual leg day.

Growth Brings Challenges

 As we begin to grow in our giftings, we will recognize that challenges will rise up. A phrase I like to say is “New Level, New Devil” Satan’s goal is to take you out.  The more you grow in confidence and faith, the more tactics he has to pull out to take you out.

The more you grow in your spiritual gifts, the more of an impact you will have for God.  You may feel like why do I want to grow in giftings if challenges grow as well. The reason is that the spiritual muscles you gain, will allow you to push through the pain.

Let’s take a look at someone who went through this very issue in scripture. Genesis 37:1-10 tells us the story of Joseph who had a prophetic dream. He began speaking out what God shared with him.  If you notice in the passage of scripture, it wasn’t a popular dream with his family.

As chapter 37 continues, we see Joseph’s brothers plotting against him. They originally plan to kill him, but end up selling him into slavery for 8 ounces of silver. He was then sold again to Potiphar.

Joseph’s growth brought quite the challenge.  Joseph went from a bright future, to an uncertain future. Joseph now had a decision to make…  Keep Growing or Give Up

Challenges Bring Pain

The thing that we can be certain about is that when we experience challenges there will be pain...  There will always be pain. I’ve now run 5 marathons, and I am currently signed up to do numbers 6 and 7. Want to know what they are have in common?  They hurt! But the feeling at the completion is worth the pain of the training and race day.

The pain of a spiritual challenge can be significant, but it provides a great testimony at the end of the day that we can share with others and remind ourselves of in the future.

We see this even begin happening for Joseph in Potiphar’s house. Joseph was met with a challenge of being sold into slavery, but due to his growth he was meeting the challenge.  But he was about to reach the point where the challenge became painful.

An unfortunate situation comes his way, and he responds correctly but winds up in jail.  His response is right, and he maintains a proper attitude and doesn’t give up.  The man in charge of the jail recognizes God is with him, and puts him in charge of the other prisoners!

If you are familiar with the story you will know what comes next. The Cup Bearer and the Baker share their dreams with Joseph.  Joseph who has not given up on the growing his gifts is able to accurately explain the dreams and is again prophesying.  The Baker is put to death, and the Cup Bearer gets his job back.

 However, the Cup Bearer forgets to tell pharaoh, about Joseph.  In fact, the cup bearer forgets about Joseph for two full years! You may totally understand Joseph’s mindset in the jail cell.  You know what your gifts are, you have met your challenges, and you feel stuck in the pain. You don’t know what's going on, and you don’t know where you are going.  You might feel as if God has forgotten about you.

But know this.  God has not forgotten you!  God has you right where He needs you.  Because He will fulfill what he promised you!

Pain Brings Growth

God positioned Joseph in that Jail cell, because He had a plan.  A plan that was going to grow Joseph into the next calling.  A plan to promote him in God’s timing.

Joseph is able to accurately explain Pharaoh’s dream, and in turn prepares Egypt for the famine from the dream.  Joseph is then promoted to second in command of Egypt! That is something that only God could do. From Prison to Palace! But God wasn’t done. Because God doesn’t forget about his promises!

Here is what is happening in brief (If you have never read this story in full, I encourage you to do so).  The famine is in full effect.  Joseph’s brothers come to get food from Egypt and they have to interact with Joseph. But they don’t know it’s him. He sets a friendly trap to ensure they will return again.

God gave Joseph a dream, about his brothers bowing to him.  When Joseph shared the dream, he had no idea what he was going to go through to see the fruition of that dream.  He had no idea that his suffering, his pain would save his family.  And it’s the same for us.  God most likely has made promises to us, but we haven’t experienced the end of the promise yet.

 If that is where you find yourself today, keep growing.  Keep fighting.  You’re not done yet. Desire to…

1)       Know Before You Grow

2)       Growth Brings Challenges

3)       Challenges Bring Pain

4)       Pain Brings Growth

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Have a great week!

P. Scott