Fully You - Week 3 | How Do We Get Spiritual Gifts?

We have now completed three weeks of our series “Fully You”. We have discussed 1) How to discover your spiritual gifts, and 2) Why we need spiritual gifts.  Now we turn our attention to 3) How we get Spiritual Gifts.

The messages in this series so far have been a lot of good information, but this week we moved information to application. We wanted to look at an individual(s) in the Bible to see how we could identify where their gifts came from. So we took a look at the life of Elijah and Elisha.

As you may know, I enjoy a good superhero movie. And whenever a superhero is introduced, there is an origin story.  It shares what happened to the individual that caused them to get their powers.

One of the most popular origin stories is Spider-Man. He was bit by a radioactive spider, and gained his powers.  However, it wasn’t until a robber killed his Uncle Ben that he realized “that with great power comes great responsibility.” This is so true for us, with great power from Holy Spirt, comes great responsibility.  

We began by reading 1 Kings 17:1-24 In the case of Elijah, we don’t get an origin story, but we do see this idea of great power bringing great responsibility. And the amazing thing is that Elijah points everything back to God! In this passage of scripture we see the following Spiritual Gifts.

We see prophecy!  

  • Elijah says it won’t rain for some time.  

  • Elijah says the bread won’t run out. 

We see miracles!  

  • Rain supernaturally stopping

  • Elijah being fed consistently by the birds

  • The food not running out.

We see healing!  

  • We see a dead child come back to life

We see mercy!  

  • Elijah crying out to God for healing.

Elijah is a mature believer who is operating in his gifts. We don’t get to see the moment he receives his gifts, but he clearly thanks God for them. And it’s important to mention that because he is operating in his gifts, the woman he is staying with realizes and believes he is a man of God. Ask yourself this question.  “Would someone believe I was a Christian, based solely on how God moves in my life?”

As we move into Chapter 18 of 1 Kings, and we see a show down between Elijah and all of the prophets of Baal.  This is one of the greatest show downs in the history of scripture.  And Elijah goes in boldly with confidence.  Why? Because God almighty is in his corner.  There is no doubt who gave him the power. And he is using the power for good.

I wish we had all of the time to really dig into chapter 18. But here is what you need to know. God equipped Elijah with Spiritual Gifts.  Elijah obeyed and an incredible victory happened!

However, as we move into Chapter 19 the story changes course, and changes quickly.

Elijah obviously is having a moment of weakness, but even still he has a great connection with God.  God encourages Elijah, God gives Elijah the next mission/ the next opportunity, and God gives a swift kick and says get going.

He finds Elisha and places his coat or in other translations, his mantel on Elisha.  This signifies that Elijah’s calling would become Elisha’s calling. And Elisha is all in for this new calling.  He says goodbye to the family, burns and destroys his means of making any other type of living. And then he follows Elijah, and is trained and sees miracles take place.

God gives the giftings, but they are equipped and turned loose in our lives through Godly mentors that God places in our life. We need to be intentional to seek out mentors that can help us discover and grow the giftings in our lives. Finally, we arrive at 2 Kings 2:9-14

9 After they had gone across, Elijah said to Elisha, “Tell me. What can I do for you before I’m taken away from you?”

“Please give me a double share of your spirit,” Elisha replied.

10 “You have asked me for something that’s very hard to do,” Elijah said. “But suppose you see me when I’m taken away from you. Then you will receive what you have asked for. If you don’t see me, you won’t receive it.”

11 They kept walking along and talking together. Suddenly there appeared a chariot and horses made of fire. The chariot and horses came between the two men. Then Elijah went up to heaven in a strong wind. 12 Elisha saw it and cried out to Elijah, “My father! You are like a father to me! You, Elijah, are the true chariots and horsemen of Israel!” Elisha didn’t see Elijah anymore. Then Elisha took hold of his own garment and tore it in two.

13 He picked up the coat that had fallen from Elijah. He went back and stood on the bank of the Jordan River. 14 Then he struck the water with Elijah’s coat. “Where is the power of the Lord?” he asked. “Where is the power of the God of Elijah?” When Elisha struck the water, it parted to the right and to the left. He went across the river.

So how do we get Spiritual Gifts?

  1. God gives the gifts through the spirit.

  2. We are trained, equipped and released by mature believers.

  3. We boldly speak out of our new identity in Christ.

All of us have giftings, and it’s our job to find others to train us and help us grow, and then to find the next person and help them grow.

Why? so all can hear about Jesus! Make sure to join us at The Shores Church next Sunday at 10:30am so you can learn about how to grow your spiritual gifts! If you were unable to be with us live on Sunday August 25, you can watch the message in full here on our YouTube channel.