Fully You - Week 2 | Why Do We Need Spiritual Gifts?

Hopefully by this point you have done your homework, and you know what your spiritual gifts are. If not, take a break from reading this, and take the test now!

Welcome back! See that wasn’t so bad was it? Now lets catch up on yesterdays message.

So why do we need Spiritual Gifts?

1) We Need Spiritual Gifts In Order To Edify the Church and Bring Glory to God!

Each and every gift that God has given to us, is for the purpose of edifying the church and bringing glory to God

We see in Ephesians 4:11-16 that Christ gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up (to be edified) until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.

If we are attempting to edify the church, we are attempting to instruct or improve the church.

Sarcasm is not a spiritual gift, as it tears people down.  Just being critical is not a spiritual gift, as it doesn’t build others up.  Your goal with your spiritual gifts is to make the body better and more like Christ. Ask yourself this question, “If I left the particular body of believers that I worship with, would they be better because I had been apart, or better because I’m gone?

2) We Need Spiritual Gifts In Order To Manifest God’s Presence in the Body of Christ on Earth!

Jesus is our perfect example; He exemplified all the spiritual gifts through the words He spoke and the actions He carried out. Since Jesus is now at the right hand of God the Father, Holy Spirit is the primary manifestation of the presence of God on the earth. 

God the Father distributes the gifts of the Spirit among the members of His Body through the Spirit,  and believers now glorify God through those gifts. In essence, God sent Jesus to not only live a perfect life to cleanse our sin, but to also show us how to live a life for God. Then God sent the Spirit so that we could live that life. John 14:11-18 shares how God will send us a helper (being Holy Spirit) so that we can do even greater things than Jesus did. That is a powerful friend and helper that we have access to!

3) We Need Spiritual Gifts In Order To Remind Us of Our Dependence Upon One Another!

I am sure that all of us at one point or another have said or thought at least, I wish I had that persons talent or ability. A good example of this is every time I try to fix or install a ceiling tile.  I am bad at it, but there are people who make it look so easy. But if we consistently engage in this kind of behavior, especially in the church, we miss out on who God called us to be.

 We need to work together and depend on one another to become the church God has called us to be. Romans 12:3-8 shares about how we all have unique talents and gifts in the body of Christ, and we are all needed to accomplish God’s will. You’re not going to consistently operate in every single spiritual gift, and that’s okay.  But we need to work together and depend on one another.

As our understanding of the spiritual gifts matures, our appreciation for all the members of the Body is magnified.  For example, if you have the gift of mercy, God has given you a heightened sensitivity to the hurts of others (so that He might express His compassion to them through you). 

 Until you understand that everyone else is not supposed to be as sensitive to others’ hurts (to the degree that you discern them and want to respond to them), you will probably be tempted to condemn others as callous and heartless.

 Our human nature, which naturally operates pridefully, assumes that “my perspective” is always the right perspective—and usually the “only” perspective. If you think that way, you are deceiving yourself.  Yes, your perspective is valid—and essential—but it is not the only right perspective.

If others seem insensitive to someone’s hurts, it’s probably because God has not given them a spiritual gift that includes the “mercy-giver’s” heightened sensitivity to others’ suffering. Others are not being callous; they simply do not “see” as you see. In fact, others will be sensitive to needs to which you are totally oblivious, such as (1) the suffering person’s financial needs or (2) the need to be shown the truth about the situation that is causing the suffering or (3) the need to mow the sufferer’s overgrown lawn, which is frustrating his wife and his neighbors!

 However, when we allow the body to work together, all of these needs can be met.

4) We Need Spiritual Gifts In Order To Reveal the Living God to Unbelievers!

The Spirit of God works through the spiritual gifts in ways that can be perceived by both believers and unbelievers.  Believers are encouraged through the manifestation of the spiritual gifts because they are reminded that God truly is near and is actively, diligently, carefully, and thoroughly carrying out His will in the earth. Unbelievers come face to face with the reality of the living God as He displays His power, His love, and His wisdom through His people. 

 We could talk of prophecy or a word of knowledge. God giving you information about someone that they never shared with anyone. To the giver, God could call them to give an amount, often times the exact amount that someone needs in a difficult time. Those with the gift of healing, could step in at the right moment for someone laying on their death bed.

When people experience the miraculous, they are faced with the decision to stay the course or change their ways.  But they cannot deny what they have seen.

At the End of the Day though, it’s All About Bringing Glory To God.

We have a mission to go out and make disciples.  If we are faithful to do what God has called us to do, with the tools God has given us, we will begin to see people change their patterns of life. As people change their patterns of life, they call on the name of Jesus. As they call on Jesus, God is glorified.

Spiritual Gifts are not for me, they are not for you.  They make us more Christ like, but they exist so that God may be glorified. And I think that is enough for me to know I need to operate in Spiritual Gifts!

If you have some time, we would love for you to watch the message from yesterday in full!

Be Blessed!
P. Scott