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This Is Us. 

Join us learning how to share Jesus with those who are not like you! Starting with Week 1, "The Perfectionist".



Avoiding Spiritual Apathy. Take a listen to our new February Sermon Series! 






Charting the Course

Join us as we Chart the Course and look into the vision of the Shores Church!


Pursuit of Obedience and Perseverance

Take a listen to the Shores Church's Youth Ministries Director, Will Rosevear. He takes a look into the life of King David.





Christmas is a season for seeking. As we explore that first Christmas, we will see that we were made to live a life of adventure, to move beyond our fear. These adventures when painted together create a beautiful Collage that tells the story of who Jesus is.

We were made for something more than just a routine existence. What are you searching for today? The next accomplishment, the next high, to be loved… just a reason to live? 

Joseph, the shepherds, and the Wise Men searched for meaning and purpose and found all of that and much more in Jesus, and that’s the amazing news of Christmas. What about you?



This 4-week series examines what loving our neighbor looks like on a daily basis—what is love, how do I love, who do I love, and when do I love.


As For Me & My House

Join us as we take a 7 week look into the life of Joshua.